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FALL 2018 ADMISSION undergraduate October 1 November 30 graduate international SPRING 2019 ADMISSION August 1

A returning CSUN student is one who has completed non-extension course work in a previous spring or fall semester.Returning students include those in good academic standing and those wishing to return after previous disqualification in their last semester at CSUN.

good academic standing previous disqualification
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Undergraduate Graduate

As a previously disqualified student:

IMPORTANT! Please note the process and deadlinesin the table below. Then review the eligibility requirements.


To be considered for readmission, previously disqualified freshmen, transfer and second bachelor's students will need to meet the following eligibility requirements :

eligibility requirements

1.Complete each of the 4 basic subjects courses required for CSU general education with a grade of C- or better: Writing, Mathematics, Critical Thinking, and Speech Communication. (Students re-applying as Engineering or Computer Science majors do not have to complete Critical Thinking prior to admission.)

2.Before you apply, contact the CSUN College of your major to determine their specific readmission criteria. After you apply, the College of your major and the Office of Undergraduate Studies will complete a review to determine your admissibility.

3.Determine whether or not you need to reapply to the university .

fall 2017 before at the end

4.Complete the Previously Disqualified Student Questionnaire (.pdf) and submit it to the Office of Admissions and Records. If possible,file the questionnaire at the time you apply to the university (if required - see table above)but no later than the deadline on the form.

no later than the deadline Fall 2018: March 1, 2018

5.Submit official college transcripts of all course work taken after your last attendance at CSUN, including work-in-progress now. Official transcripts can be paper or electronic. See How to Apply below.

Readmission of previously disqualified graduate and credential students will be determined by their respective graduate or credential programs. Read more at:

2nd December 2015 at 10:41 am

I couldn’t agree more. Death by cop, seems to be the norm these days. Makes me think that there are those that do this purposefully, in order to be a kind of martyr to their people. As though a roadside cross and a bunch of stuffed toys is gift enough for donating your life “For the cause.” The black lives matter people, they call all blacks that agree with whites or that are Conservatives or that are even just Republicans…. “Uncle Toms.” This simply is NOT the case when they speak the truth about what the problem really is.

12th January 2016 at 12:53 am

I read online that Germany no longer waves the Nazi flag because they are ashamed of that part of their history. In America, the Confederate flag is freely displayed in front of homes, on cars, in front of government buildings etc. People use ideas other than slavery (states’ rights, etc) as excuses to wave a flag in the very nation where it was defeated. It’s so hypocritical, it’s insane. White America needs to hold a conference and tell ITSELF that the past is over. Until then, we don’t believe you.

16th September 2016 at 4:23 am

Stephanie Germany no longer flies the Nazi flag because they are not a nazi party. It’s that simple. Just because over time people have associated the Confederate Flag with slavery doesn’t mean that’s what it stood for. Either way it’s a moot point since its been removed from all state houses and govt buildings. Hell, even the Dukes of Hazard have been taken off the air, and all their merchandise from stores. And they surely didn’t stand for any racist beliefs.

20th September 2016 at 6:50 pm

“Bring up the past which has nothing to do with the problem today and call everyone racist.”

I fail to understand this common sentiment. Because of their visual identity, people, for many generations, were unable to own property, a primary form of investment in the US. They were denied jobs they were capable of doing, besides being randomly murdered or incarcerated.

These experiences alone can easily cause long-term poverty. They all occurred, facts which are easily verifiable. What keeps people from ever asking these questions, “why are they poor”, “why is their music violent”, “why do they dress like thugs”, and instead coming up with the substantial fluff that fills this (and most online/anonymous comment sections) is a very complex subject.

Like one comment suggests, to even frame a question such as “do blacks xxx” first generalizes a diverse set of people, then suggests that these crimes are committed because of who they are. This is an incredibly absurd, slippery slope argument.

The only end to that slope is that this certain group is ‘predisposed’ to being this stereotyped way. Which would boil down to genetics. Which would be an argument straight from the 1800’s. “Africans are genetically inferior, uncivilized, and… do they even have souls?”

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• One month ago

At least 100 Iraqi Christians arrested by ICE over the summer are still waiting to know what's going to happen.

megandetrie • 9 months ago


Alex Laughlin • 9 months ago

Abdur-Rahim Rashada survived World War II, Jim Crow, and then converting to Islam. Hear his story on See Something Say Something .

Angara Pink Sapphire Diamond Half Eternity Wedding Band for Her in Rose Gold xRdYf8HZ
• 9 months ago

"A dope lyric over a tight beat? That's like an ayah."

Ahmed Ali Akbar • 9 months ago

On Eid al-Adha, Muslims around the world slaughter and donate a portion of lamb, goat, or cow in honor of Abraham’s sacrifice of his son. I went to a slaughterhouse in Detroit to figure out if I had the stomach to kill the animals I consume.

Ahmed Ali Akbar • 10 months ago

Back for a third season, and better than ever.

Alex Laughlin • 10 months ago

What do you think a soul is, even?

See Something Say Something • One year ago

God giveth biryani and God taketh pork away.

Ahmed Ali Akbar • One year ago

The glory of #BlackMuslimRamadan and #BlackoutEid

See Something Say Something • One year ago

This week the See Something Say Something podcast interviews folks on the challenge of building community.

Ahmed Ali Akbar • One year ago

On the new episode of See Something Say Something !

Ahmed Ali Akbar • One year ago

Aziz Ansari's Master of None tackles questions around religion, parents, and barbecue pork in an ambitious episode that doesn't always hit the mark. (WARNING: Spoilers ahead.)

See Something Say Something • One year ago

Whether you're at a diner eating pancakes or at home with family, we want to see what people around the world are eating for suhoor!

Ahmed Ali Akbar • One year ago

We asked fans of BuzzFeed's podcast See Something Say Something to share their Muslim prom stories. WARNING: they are very tame.

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